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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Exhibit of my recent works (Products, Code, PCBs)



  • Wav file inspector: An educational code to help people get familiarised with UI building with plotly for signal processing. The code also uses some scipy functions. See blog post, github code

  • IIR analysis tool: This software helps the user figure out input scaling value for a set of filter coefficient width, MAC sizes etc. to avoid overflow in a given IIR filter. The code uses numpy, plotly libraries. See blog post, github code

  • THDN analysis tool: Provides a utility for measuring THDN based on coeficient bit resolution. Related blog post, github code

  • Lightshaper: Generates surface points for an array of light sources and a sphere as the subject. Calculates the impact of each light source on each pixel of the sphere as viewed through the camera. The idea is to eventually let the user specify what kind of lighting he/she wants on the sphere and use least squares method to find the correct intensity level for each light source to get the best approximation for the required lighting. Github code.

  • Valuation crawler: Picks companies at random from NYSE, NASDAQ and does finds their (fundamental) value using professor Aswath Damodaran's technique. Uses functions from my other finance codes to download balance sheet, income, cash flow statements. Creates an excel file that can later be manually edited to take care of nuances (such as accounting gimmicks). Github code can be found here. Allied code and other finance related code can be found in the parent directory Most of the codes use numpy, pandas libraries

  • Lines Solution: Code that I wrote long back to familiarise myself with python numpy library functions. It solves simultaneous equations associated with lines: It checks if unique solution is possible or if the system of equations is over or under-determined. It uses direct (numerical) inversion, least squares or singular value decomposition based methods to solve the latter type. Github code is available here.


  • Sensor gateway code: Firmware code for a sensor gateway product that sends GPS location and multiple sensor value updates to AWS. The code runs on ESP32 with FreeRTOS. Functionality for OTA update from AWS in small pieces over unreliable mobile network is also provided. Code allows user to send commands from AWS to probe sensor values, change logging configuration and debug errors. It also runs an HTML server to enable debugging in the field via WiFi.The code uses API provided by AWS, SIMcom. Here is the Github code.


  • Sensor mapper: Project for mapping all potholes, speed breakers in India's roads. Allows any android user to run an app (developed by a friend) and send IMU data about the road surface they are travelling on. My code cleans up data, rotates IMU data to align with road surface (because user's phone could be in his pocket or lying on the seat etc. and because we don't want car's left/right movements waving through traffic impact readings of road surface induced up/down movements), extracts feature vectors necessary for classification with the objective of identifying pot holes, speed breakers. Later we planned to extend it for collecting, classifying any GPS tagged data such as PM2.5, street lights (to know which areas are unsafe at night) etc. But I never got to it. Half completed code is available here.


Finished PCBs

Kicad designs

Kicad projects

  • Sensor gateway: ESP32 based sensor gateway board with power protection (voltage spikes, reverse polarity, over current), interface to industrial grade sensors (RS485 or 4-20mA using differential ADC), 2G modem, battery backup option (LiPo). Github code can be found here.

  • Sensor gateway daughter card: Raspberry pi (zero W) daughter card that converts it into a powerful industrial sensor gateway with standard power protection, interfaces and an onboard temperature sensor to monitor potential heat buildup when the assembly inside ABS enclosure (To advise on size of heat shield and/or fan in future designs). Github code can be found here.

For all my kicad projects to work properly, you need my custom symbols and modules.


Single sensor gateway (ABS plastic, IP56)

Single sensor (Raahi, Die cast aluminium, IP65), Multi-sensor (Prithvi, Extruded aluminium, IP68)

City water management system (Depth sensor, PLC, contactors)

Blog posts

Electrical engineering

  • IIR overflow analysis app - Link

  • Defeating Nazis and quantization noise - Link

  • THDN analysis tool for DSP systems - Link

  • Signal processing html app in Python - Link

  • Linear regression - Better insights using vector spaces - Link


  • Electronics design for startups - Link

  • Startup nuances: Market research - Link

  • Statistics for startups - Part 1, Part 2


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